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FreedomBox demo

Freedombox was kickstarted quite a while ago, as a result of a challenge by Eben Moglen at Columbia Law. The challenge was to the tech community to build an actual device that cheaply connected to the Internet and provided all the useful services in a way that respected the owners’ privacy, had no backdoors, and kept control of the users’ data. This was doable, but not easily. Over the past few years, the project has creeped along, beset by the usual opensource problems and personalities, … and a forest fire.

I had quit watching the project a couple years ago, but happened to check for any current activity while bored with listening to vague worries on the news that somewhere someone might be talking amongst themselves without proper surveillance. And Lo, oddly coincidental with the events of the past week,
it lives!

I slapped an image onto a RaspberryPi2 and started playing with it. There are several applications I would be happy to explore if anyone is interested.

The demo is live, and thus pretty convincing. The implications (in the end comments) are substantial.

Enjoy! Comments welcome.